Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hike 3 Golden Area BC

Whoa busy, been 2 weeks since my spectacular hike and only getting to posting about it now.

My work-out / hiking buddy and I spent a spectacular weekend at a charming, rustic place called Beaver foot Lodge and did a stunning hike in the area to Wapta Falls.  We also did Emerald Lake (aborted due to rain), and a little jaunt around Lake Minnewanka just outside Banff.

The Wagon "tenting" option at Beaverfoot Lodge

Beautiful Fall colours ... on our way up to Wapta Falls

Paw prints ... we think (and hope!) dog

Lots of rain in the area made for a muddy hike

The spectacular Wapta Falls ... so worth the climb - just breathtaking

Photoshop couldn't even replicate these colours ... nature at its full glory best

We made it!  Took a lot of time to sit at the top and just take it in

Lots of downed trees

Made for a great aerobic workout

Officially a hiker :)

Our traditional hiking boot shot #3

Just before Emerald lake is a natural bridge, breathtaking

Emerald Lake - definite re-vist, it was raining and chilly

Avalanche path at Emerald Lake

Lake Minnewanka

Such a great weekend.  I am loving the lifestyle of getting out and being active, at the same time discovering the stunning scenery in this country.

Tomorrow I am hoping to update on weight loss and fitness goals.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


News anchor answers bully email on weight

Click, listen and absorb ... that's all ....

Hike #2 Done

I know some people may think of it as just a walk, but Sunday was my 2nd outdoor hike, 3 hours at Fish Creek Park.  Wow I am so lucky to live in this city, most amazing scenery and trails in our own back yard.

I struggled more than my first hike, somehow I have developed tendonitis in my left foot, man it hurt so much!  But I refuse to let injuries or my body complaining stop this path to health.  I have appointments booked to get my foot looked at, otherwise I am working through the pain.

Some highlights:

Squirrel only wildlife so far thank goodness!

Hike #2 Foot shot ... boots still need some wearing in

Fall colours

Not glamorous but working hard!

I keep singing the Finding Nemo song in my head "Just keep walking, just keep walking ......"

The more I do this, the fitter I get, the more I loose .. simple math ....
Oh I was so glad to see the carpark!  My foot and leg were killing me!

Ha - grimace attempt at a smile