Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hike #2 Done

I know some people may think of it as just a walk, but Sunday was my 2nd outdoor hike, 3 hours at Fish Creek Park.  Wow I am so lucky to live in this city, most amazing scenery and trails in our own back yard.

I struggled more than my first hike, somehow I have developed tendonitis in my left foot, man it hurt so much!  But I refuse to let injuries or my body complaining stop this path to health.  I have appointments booked to get my foot looked at, otherwise I am working through the pain.

Some highlights:

Squirrel only wildlife so far thank goodness!

Hike #2 Foot shot ... boots still need some wearing in

Fall colours

Not glamorous but working hard!

I keep singing the Finding Nemo song in my head "Just keep walking, just keep walking ......"

The more I do this, the fitter I get, the more I loose .. simple math ....
Oh I was so glad to see the carpark!  My foot and leg were killing me!

Ha - grimace attempt at a smile 

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