Sunday, September 30, 2012

Better Week >>> but workout frustration

Yay the scale was kind this week, hard work went into it though!  Total loss to date is 24 pounds. So a quarter of my way to my weight goal.   My goal for October is to get to 30 pound loss, and on the fitness front 20 levels of stairs on the demonic stair master.

So success and moving forward on all my goals.  One conversation at the gym had me steaming yesterday though!  My work out buddy and I have decided on 30 minutes of hard cardio (so not just strolling, we are doing intervals and working really hard), stair master and then the weight circuit, so an hour workout at least 4 times a week.  Yesterday I was on the treadmill, when I was done the guy next to me (who later told me he works there) told me be anything less than 45 min to an hour is a waste of time of the treadmill.  He said .... you need to be over 30 minutes to get into fat burning zone .... well first off dumb arse ... how do you know I am only there for weight loss??!  Grrrrrrrrr He chatted for a while giving me advise, saying intervals and hills don't matter when you are trying to burn fat, just sustained walking ....

This is different to anything I have research and been told, but every personal trainer has a different opinion.

You know what ... at the end of the day I am having success in inches, in pounds and my fitness level is getting better weekly ... I guess I just stay the course, but if he does has a point I can get to my goals quicker.  The biggest issue is time, I have to do weights and cardio, but I have a family, a job, I am studying at night and I volunteer, I cannot do two hours at gym.

My workout partner and I have decided on upping cardio to an hour and alternate with an hour of weights on different nights, and see if the results change this month, so watch this space.

Will update this week on hike number 2 that we did today, but rant had to make it's way in first.

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