Sunday, December 23, 2012

Martha Stewart ... I am not ....

I can cook up a storm, yip I sure can, ..... baking so not my thing.  Boxed cake pops must be easy right??!

Look at the box, those smooth yummy balls of sweetness like the WW 5 points (for the record) bite sized cake pops at Starbucks.   Yuummm

Company coming for first Christmas celebration ..... easy dessert .... NOT ... Damn you Starbucks marketing team!  Those little buggers are impossible to sculpture like your box, IMPOSSIBLE!

I couldn't even serve mine haha

1 comment:

  1. hahahahaha!!!!! i too,tried to make cake pops with my kids last week and holy wow---it was an epic fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and it looks SO easy!!!!
    hang in there,your not the only one the cakepop kit has disappointed!