Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not a before and after ...... a work in progress

Oh boy December can be such a tough month to stay on track with fitness and healthy eating.  It's not  lack of want or willpower, it's just so busy, being busy is not good for planning and it becomes so easy to just grab bad food on the run.  Finding time for gym is also a little more challenging.

So, to keep myself on track and find some motivation I decided to check in with some photos I have been keeping for my "big after reveal".  I am certainly not there yet, but I can see the small improvements. 

I decided to go with arms, even though my tummy is for sure my most challenging area.  I just couldn't do those pictures .... *-*

I love seeing women with well defined, sculpted arms, it seems easy for men to get results, I don't know, it seems to me us ladies have to work harder at it.  I have never had arms I am proud of, I want to get there, I will get there, 4 months of very solid training and the results of the in-progress me are there.  I can see some changes from Sept to Dec but the month to month not so much.  4 months from now I want those picture to be transformational, December Christmas craziness is not gonna hold me back!  The results so far are from circuit weights 3 times (on average) a week.  

No quick fixes for results, nope just the work you put in .. the results you get out ...

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