Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Fantasy of Pinterest vs. The Reality of Pinterest!

Hands up, who loves Pinterest?  Oh I get lost for hours, strawberries stuffed with perfectly sculpted grapes, cucumbers cut like whales, endless fitness advise and quotes, yip it's an addictive site!  And so as Christmas rolls around the inspiring Martha Stuart type arts and crafts are in great abundance and so inspiring .... mmmhmmmm .......

Ohhhh ice coloured marbles pretty and EASY .. yes lets do it!

"Fill balloons with coloured water."  Ok first off the instruction should be to place balloon over tap to fill, because filling it with a jug .... nope doesn't work.  It may seem obvious, but some of us do not have a Martha bone in our bodies!  My kids correct me, I place balloon over tap and fill.  See next instruction above, "add food colouring"?  Well if you let go of the top of the ballon when full to add colouring, the water sprays in your face!!!  I put the colouring in first 1 or 2 tops, oh what the hell lets go with 10 drops for dramatic effect.   Ohhh and lets add glitter, my friend thought that would be a good idea.  Mmmhmmm

Place over tap.  Next instruction should be to slooowwwllly fill balloon, cause too much pressure and you have a shitstorm of food colouring and glitter spraying all over yourself and your kitchen.

Ok filling method perfected (at least an hour into this "easy" project to make my outside Christmas decorating look like a winter wonderland).

Now we fill our freezer with these lovely filled balloons, full ... mmm ok it's below zero outside lets place our extras on my glass patio table ..... mmmhmmm

Alright leaving the creative beasts to freeze, you may be wondering why I decided to do so many, well I wanted to build a colourful ice igloo, upon reflection as I look at my dye colour hands and my glitter filled kitchen tiles, I decide I maybe being a lil overambitious, so I change my vision to an ice wall and go to bed.

After work I try remove the balloon off one ice marble, oh crap the balloons have burst and the blue water is all over the table has frozen all the balloons to the table .. crap  ...... I pour a little warm water on the table, yay one comes loose ... the contents leak all over my hands onto the table I am left with an empty ice shell .... mmmhmmmmm Pinterest this sure is easy!  (Note you need at least 48 hours for them to freeze solid!

Oh but my creative juices are flowing, I decide to put a Santa in the empty shell, weeeeee back on track.

Now downstairs to my freezer, the first two I lift up yay they seem solid, then ...... I notice disaster!  ahhhhhhhh ... doritos floating in blue water .. ahhhhhhhhh ... one of the bottom ballons has burst ... crap crap crap ...

We are now on about hour 7 of this easy quick project .......

Clean freezer, throw soaked food away ..... yay this is fun!

Plan C, the balloons still in semi frozen state are getting tossed out onto our trampoline to finish freezing.  Oh instruction for Pinterest .. do NOT fill the balloons, allow for expansion, otherwise they WILL burst and cause chaos.

72 hours later, with approximately 15 man-hours not to mention clean up time!  Here is the result ..... yip Pinterest I love you, but in true relationship style, I am really mad at you right now!

At least my Pinterest nails look good!!!

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  1. Your nails look fabulous. I am glad to see the blue dye didn't wreck those fab nails :)