Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st Official Hike! Grotto Canyon

Well I did it!!  I am soooo tired, but super proud of myself.  At the same time realizing what a long way I have to go fitness wise.  I had a great time, in this case I think pictures are worth a 1000 words, so here we go ...  The basics are, Grotto Canyon is near Canmore Alberta, in the Kananaskis area.  I think it's considered a moderate hike.  It took 3 hours to do about 4kms round trip, rocky and uphill!

We will be leaving many footprints over the next 11 months ....

Checking what we were packing in our backpacks.  We deliberately will be taking packs over the next few months, even if not totally required,  we have to build up to the weight that will be required to do the WCT.

And here we go, my first legit hike!

New hiking boots, new backpack and new green pants, felt like a kid on first day of school :)

My motivation, my buddy .... I so admire her

Stunning!  I love our backyard

Look at me, almost looks like I know what I am doing haha.  The pebbles are good cardio, constantly adjusting your balance.

Ancient rock art

This was a bit of a scramble to get up to the waterfall.  It was slippery, and I have a long way to go agility wise, but, I managed to get up to the waterfall and back down.

So tired!

Gonna have to work on hiking hair ... but I am still smiling, or is that a grimace?

Ewww very sweaty butt print!

About 2 hours in on return trip, I am starting to feel it in my back and legs, but plodding along

I love this girl so much.  Bev will be doing the WCT trail with me.  She is so much fitter than me, but so patient, and never makes me feel like a sloth behind her pace.  We motivate each other to get into the gym, and plan each step of getting to the West Coast Trail together.  I cannot imagine walking this path with anyone else.

Please tell me we are nearly done!

Yay car park!  My heart rate monitor tells me I averaged a heart rate of 141, with peak being 168!  Burnt off over a thousand calories whoop.  

It was a good day


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