Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Damn Toilet Roll

Domestic Dispute #21

It's amazing to me that days, weeks, years go by, things happen, partners/spouses do things that annoy us, but we fix it and move on.  Then one day, a simple thing like this!  A toilet roll mere inches away from just putting it where it should be, and I am ready to commit a crime!   I just don't get it ... so today, I will be like a child and leave it exactly there, when it is done, I will leave the cardboard thingy there and wait and see how many pile up there! 
Childish yes, but 18 years of asking and it becomes just symbolic of other things.  When someone asks me respectfully and kindly to modify something I do that maybe annoys them or makes their life even a fraction uncomfortable, I change it!
Today the roll says there, and I say I get to dig my heels in and be a child occasionally.

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