Monday, September 10, 2012

Tougher Day

The psychology behind blogging is interesting, so very easy to post the great days, the triumphant days.  When you look at the bloggers who slowly trail off it's because they have drifted off course, forgetting that the very reason for the blog is to work through those waves ... I know this because I have done it many times before.

Not this time, the good, the bad and they ugly going up here.

I had a great weekend eating wise, going to gym, and throwing in a hike.  Today I ate well, and had already decided to take a day off gym.  I came home so hungry ...... open pantry and stare straight at the Lays chips ... grrrrrrr they are my go to junk food, I have begged and pleaded for them not to be brought into the house, or if they are bought, to hide them.  But nope, they have been bought, right in my pantry at eye level grrrrrrrr

I am told that I should just exercise self discipline .... oh I try I really do .... but when really hungry, tired, it's hard.

So today ended up not being a great day .....

Tomorrow will be better, hope everyone in blog land had a good Monday.

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