Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ugh I hate the scale!!!

Truly I do, I thought I had a great week, I did a 3 hours hike, I went to gym 3 times (which was hard it was a busy week!)  And I thought I ate really well, ok there was the 2 days Lays chips slip, but even then a handful,, not half the packet!  Weigh-in day and 0.6lbs up .. wth!  Seriously, I can handle staying the same, but not going in the wrong direction!

Maybe what went wrong this week was tracking, I didn't track this week, maybe unintentionally I have gone over points, or even not used them all, so back to 100% tracking this week.  I gotta research the muscle weighing more than fat myth too, maybe that is part of it, but still doesn't make me happy :)

The gym scale has me 3 pounds lighter, maybe time to buy a new scale too.

Bottom line is that I don't want to get obsessed with the scale, and the numbers, but it is important to me.  I do feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time, but I just want to get to goal weight in my allotted time, I don't have time for ups!!!

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