Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Accountable to me .....

It would be easier to list diets I haven't tried, than to list diets, pills, books etc. that I have tried the last decade.  I have lost and gained, lost some more, gained some more.  What is different this time?  I don't know what clicked, but I am changing my thinking this time.

As a Mom, a wife, an employee it is incredibly hard to carve out time for yourself.  We all know how that feels.  An hour at gym when I should be helping my daughter with her homework?  No more, I am a good Mom, a great wife and a very loyal hard working employee, and I am putting me first to become a better person for all of you, but above all for MYSELF.

The concept is very easy, move more - eat less.  I am very committed to gym time, following WeightWatchers (because it works and its balanced and sustainable).  And I have goals!  Not weight goals, that will come, fitness goals.

August 2013 I am doing the West Coast Trail - I am committed and will follow through.  Doing a hike of that length requires prep and training for even the fit, for me it requires an entire makeover inside and out.

2015 I am walking from Rome to Venice ... etc etc more to come on those dreams and aspirations, back to now.

If you are looking for the before and after fat tummy photos, you are not going to find them here.  I will post progress on arms, legs as I get fitter, jiggling my fat belly for cameras is mortifying to me.

My blog is a little bit of catch up, I started my journey the beginning of July, so I am two months in and 16 pounds or so down.  What doesn't have a number is the fitness level, I am going to figure out ways to show progress on that front soon.

This is my journey, I will get there this time, I will be blogging about the realities of friends and family pushing back, about the friendships that are walking this path with me, the frustrations and the absolute joy and pride in making those small goals, which turn into huge success and blazing through the WCT!

My first mini hike will be this Saturday, my first very real steps towards my goal.

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